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TeriJo definitely sings from the heart.  The songs she's written are intensely personal, and yet they fit a whole lot of people.  From "My Prince Charming" the tale of her search for that prince that ended when she found him, to "What I Meant To Say", a heartfelt wish to take back words that have already destroyed a relationship - her songs tell you things.  Sometimes those things are about yourself.

"My life comes into my songs, whether I meant to put them there or not." she'll tell you.  'What I Meant To Say' seemed to come out of nowhere - and yet, who hasn't put their foot in their mouth at least once?"

"I Just Wanna Sing" tells it like it is as well.  "Whether you sing in the shower or in front of millions of people, you're still singing because you love it.  Music is one of the few things you can't lose - you carry it with you."

Life tends to deal out some bad hands, and her songs tell you she's dealt with those too.  Her family plays a big part in her songs - as in "Daddy I'm Scared" where a little girl runs to father for comfort, and ends the song as a mother comforting her child the same way.

Then meet her joy in life with "How Can The World Turn?" which tells of a love most people only dream about.  "I've found it." She tells you with this song.  Many who hear this song and "Prince Charming" will tell you Rick Stricker is a lucky man.

TeriJo will tell you the luck goes both ways: "Rick is my other half.  Without him I'd never have stepped on a stage.  His encouragement means a lot, of course, but the way he treats me, the way he respects me - that's made me confident enough to chase my dreams."
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