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Hi, I heard your song "What I Meant To Say" on THE JOINT station. You have a really beautiful voice that is kind of addictive. Which brought me here to listen to more. Another excellent song is 'I just wanna sing' listen to more. Much success to you. (TRY SINGING ROCK AND ROLL...I have a feeling you'd be great!)


"Prince Charming" is a simple and beautiful song.  I can hear why some compare you to Joan Baez, but I have a feeling if Joan wrote a song about Prince Charming, he would have arrived on horse, with flowing ornate robes, in slow motion, offering flowers and a ring.  Your song is nice because it speaks the truth - our significant others are usually just as down-to-earth as we are (and thank goodness for that!).

Some of the best songs have only two or three chords, with lyrics that are clear, honest, and to the point.  Coupled with a truly emotive and bare vocal line, these songs really stick with you and have a certain timeless quality.  "What I Meant To Say" is one these songs.

Keep up the good work, and don't feel obliged to listen to Mothball.  I sincerely just wanted to hear a good cross-section of music with heart, and it has turned out to be a great experience.

Take care,
- Paul (Mothball)

Loved your page... Your music reminds me a lot of Sarah Hickman.  Her songs tend to be simple, often folk, ballads that have emotional singing and personal meaning.

"I Just Wanna Sing" - I chose this one because I'm a sucker for harmonies.  This song displays a good grasp of how to use them.  You have a lot of great lyrics too... you can tell by the way that you sing that most of these (if not all) are personal to you.

- Scott

I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed listening to your songs.  You have a way with words.  "Prince Charming" is a very nice tune.  The reason I like your music is because it doesn't try too hard.  It seems so natural.

- Nathan Schnorrenberg

I heard your song called "My Prince Charming" today.  I fell in love with it!  I'm writing you to ask if my group could sing it at some of our shows.  What drew me to it first was the name.  Our group is called, "In Search of Prince Charming" and we sing all of our songs a cappella.  We would really love to sing your song, if you would let us.  Please let me know.  Again, it's a wonderful song.

- Victoria Moore

Excellent Work!  Your songs definitely bring the listener along to some intense emotional places.  Very pretty arrangements too.

- David Hegland

Just listening to "Daddy I'm Scared" on the Musical Chairs stations.  Very nice tune.  I especially like the way you bring it back around to the monster under the bed with you daughter.  Take care.

- Doctor Oakroot

GREAT MUSIC YOU HAVE HERE!  I have some great music too, take a look if you want.  Thanks

- Manuel Guzmán

"My Prince Charming" - Very nice melody which the acoustic guitar complements well.

"Daddy I'm Scared" - Reminded me of Janis Joplin (big compliment), has a great vibe  Can't help thinking it would sound even better with bass/drums included but what do I know?!

"What I Meant To Say" - Very powerful - I can hear that you sing very much from the heart.

"Why Did You Make Me Cry" - Nice ballad, liked it.

Overall I would say you are extremely talented and obviously a very accomplished artist, personally I'm not really a fan of folk music but I still enjoyed your songs.
Keep Up The Good Work!

- Liam

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