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(30-Second Clips)

Daddy I'm Scared - Written for my father, who kept the monsters at bay for that little girl I used to be.

How Could The World Turn - A love song.  We all know the grass is greener, the flowers brighter, the world better place when we fall in love.  It makes you wonder how you could live without it, doesn't it?

I'd Know That Laugh Anywhere - How well we recognize the back of a familiar head or a voice.  No matter where we are.

I Just Wanna Sing - The title really tells it all.  Singers sing because they couldn't possibly NOT sing.  You couldn't PAY me not to sing.

Stop Waiting - This song was written about my mother, many years after the fact.  Picture a woman in a dead marriage.  Picture a bartender who sees her in the bar nightly.  Not just any bartender, but her friend.  It's what I would say if I were that bartender.

What I Meant To Say - Sometimes a song happens because you hear a phrase that rings.  It's a sad song about a foot put in one's mouth one too many times, but the idea came from my children.  "What I MEANT to say was..."

Whatever Happened To Yesterday - My daughter helped me write this song.  It's a "failed love" song, but anyone who misses the "old days" has thought up a phrase like this one.

Why Did You Have To Make Me Cry - Well, the title pretty much speaks for itself.  This woman says "I LOVE you.  How could you DO this to me?" basically.

Why Won't You Cry - This was written before the song "CRY" by Faith Hill came out, but it expresses the same sort of sentiment.  If your heart is broken, don't you want the breaker of that heart to feel bad about it?

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